Prof. Samanta’s journey in academics started from his school & college, St. Xavier’s College (1974), Kolkata, which gave him a secure foundation for Catholic studies. Several years later it confirmed his belief in the Catholic milieu of Gerard Manley Hopkins & James A. Joyce within the ambit of his doctoral dissertation at Jadavpur University (1996). Earlier, however, he had completed his M.A. from Jadavpur (1977), and his M.Phil dissertation on Walter Pater & the British Hegelians (1982). Later, he came to learn how to integrate himself with his diverse academic preoccupations through intercultural studies, which took him to Brighton, Sussex, in the folds of Terry Eagleton and later interacted with William Radice in Manchester University (2008) & with the likes of Staffan Lindberg and the SASNET in Sweden (2008). The pursuit of intercultural studies led him on to the Swedish Research Links project with Prof. Claes-Goran Holmberg at Lund Universitat (2010). He has also been fortunate in completing his spiritual odyssey in his pilgrimage to the three churches in Sweden.


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