Conference Presentations

Referee-assessed conference papers

(a) Literary Criticism: The Sociological Angle, March 28-30, 1986, Deptt. of
English, Visva-Bharati University.

(b) Conrad and Kafka as Political Novelists, February 19-20, 1990, Trends in zo”
Century Literary Criticism, North Bengal University.

(c) Sexual Symbolism in Thomas Hardy, November l3-14, 1990, Vidyasagar

(d) Myth and Society in Wole Soyinka, January 28-30, 1991, International
Seminar on Commonwealth Literature, Utkal University.

(e) Aesthetics and Religion in Rossetti and Hopkins, January 27-29, 1994,
International Seminar on Culture, Politics Gender in Literature of Nineteenth
Century, Jadavpur University.

(f) The Politics of Self: a study of American Poetry since 1950’s, October 26-
28, 1998, Department of English, Gurukul Kangri University, Hardwar.

(g) Resistance to Cultural Imperialism, Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 1998, International
Seminar at Department of History, North Bengal University.

(h) Hesitancy at the Heart of Joyce’s Portrait, February 1-2, 1999, National
Seminar on ‘Contemporary Approaches to Literature’, Deptt. of English,
North Bengal University.

(i) Post-Coloniality and History: a study of Rushdie ‘s Midnight’s Children,
February 18-19, 2000, Post-Colonial Literature, Deptt. of English, North
Bengal University.

(j) The Politics of German Expressionism: 1905-1925, October 3-5, 2001,
Twentieth Century: Text, Context, Theory, Deptt. of English, North Bengal

(k) Feminist Response to Cultural Imperialism: a study of some selected Indo-
Anglian Women Novelists,
March 20-27, 2001, The International Seminar on
“Women Studies: Some Paradigm Shifts”, Oeptt. of English, North Bengal
University .

(l) The Empire Writes Back: Salman Rushdie and the Literature of Subversion,
January 30-31, The ih World Conference and IX Annual Convention of
Indian Association.

(m) French & Jewish immigrants in America-the Inter-War years at
OEOMEL, Visva- Bharati, Santiniketan on November 2006-5.

(n) A Postmodern Reading of Joyce’s Portrait at the Refresher Course on
Twentieth Century Literature and Criticism at Oept. of English, University of Kalyani
on November 24, 2003.

(0) A Review of Modern Art Movements: Impressionism, Cubism, Italian Futurism, Russian Futurism, Expressionism and Dadaism at the Refresher Course on Twentieth Century Literature and Criticism at Oept. of English, University of Kalyani on November 18,2003.

(p) Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education in Developing Countries at the
U.G.C. Golden Seminar 2002-2003 on Policy Planning for Higher Education in India
under WTO and GATS Regime, November 14-15, 2003 at the University of North

(q) Reconceptualizing Nature: The Power and Promise of American Eco-Feminism
in Gloria Orenstein,
at the International Seminar on Emergent Voices in American
Literature at North Bengal University on March 20-21, 2004.

(r) Globalisation and Culture: Suturing Through Cultures, a case study of Rushdie ‘s
The Ground Beneath Her Feet at the National Seminar on Globalisation: Reconfiguring New Literatures in English, Dept. of English, Burdwan University, on
March 29-30, 2004.

(s) The Eighth Continent: Liminality and Migrant Metaphors in Salman Rushdie, at
National Seminar on New Literatures in English, Rabindra Baharati University,
March 30-31,2004.

(t) Cultural Cross-Pollination: Bharati Mukherjee’s Rewriting of America on
August, 2006 at the International Conference at the American Center, Kolkata.

(u) Indian English Novel with reference to Salman Rushdie at DEOMEL, Visva
Bharati, Santiniketan, 2007.


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